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We are in: Gran Vía of La Manga km.3 (exit 30) 30380 La Manga del Mar Menor Cartagena, Murcia.

Villas La Manga is located at the beginning of La Manga in Mar Menor left side.The kilometres are written in Surfboards in both sides of the main road (Gran Vía).

You arrive by the AP-7 motorway, which is the one you take from MU-312 o A-30.The route is taking the road to Murcia until you see the exit to Cartagena and continue by that motorway until the exit of La Manga.

The closer airport is San Javier, Murcia, is located at 40 kilometres from La Manga. You can go from the airport to the town-centre and from there take a bus or a ferry-boat to La Manga.

The closer railway-station is Cartagena, 30 kms.

There are direct buses from Madrid,Cartagena,Murcia,San Javier, ...

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